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Designed for maximum productivity! The practical solution to commercial and industrial mowing.

The MowerMax is designed, from the ground up, to be the most productive, industrial wide area mower on the market! Whether it is its excellent maneuverability or its easy transportability, the MowerMax will always be a cut a head of the rest!

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ATMAX Equipment Co. was started in 2001 for one purpose, and that is to design and manufacture equipment that makes you more productive! Whether it is mowing a county park, installing sod at a landfill or making a delivery in the mud, ATMAX machines will make it easy and very productive! After 10 years and endless hours of research & development, ATMAX has two product lines that do just this – increase one’s productivity and profitability! These products are the MowerMax and the MaxAttach. 

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BushMax II

Enable your skid-steer to do whatever you can imagine with the MaxAttach.

MaxAttach skid-steer attachments are designed to make your skid-steer as productive as possible. Whether it is the BushMax rotary brush mower or the Big Roll Sod Installer, your skid-steer will be very productive!

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What People Are Saying

“Two years ago I purchased a TraxMax 550 with the mast and sod installer attachments, and it does a great job for my small sod company. If we are doing pallets of sod, we use the mast, and if we are doing rolls, we simply put on the roll attachment. The visibility is awesome and the machine will go almost most anywhere. We are just starting an 80 acre job and the TraxMax will be perfect for it.”

Baltazar Saenz
Balty’s Sod Co.
-Tampa, FL
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