Redefining Productivity with Versatility!

The TraxMax is designed, from the ground up, to be the most versatile and productive compact track machine on the market! As a forklift, it will take material where other machines can’t. As a compact track loader, its abilities are almost limitless with unbelievable visibility. And as a sod installer, nothing compares to its productivity!

Ideal Uses for a TraxMax!

  • Sod Installers
  • Building Material Dist.
  • Vegetable & Fruit Growers
  • Nurseries
  • Landscapers
  • Erosion Control Contractors
  • Sod & Tree Farmers
  • Site Contractors

Benefits of a TraxMax

Versatility.The TraxMax has the ability to transform into three different machines within 60 seconds: a truck-mountable, rough-terrain forklift, a compact track loader and a big roll sod installer. No longer does your truck mounted forklift have to sit idle after its deliveries! And with this versatility, you can increase your productivity and profitability!

Rough Terrain-ability. The TraxMax has unmatched rough terrain performance and abilities! Whether it is sand, mud, snow, or a slope, the TraxMax, with its wide foot print, low center of gravity and rubber tracks can go places most machines can’t! So go ahead and delivery your product where you or your customer wants it!

Sod-ability. No other machine on the market can match the TraxMaxes’ sod installing capabilities! Be able to reduce your labor by at least 50% or more when switching from slabs to big rolls and a TraxMax! 50% reduction in labor…now that is productivity to the max!

Transportability. When it comes to transporting your TraxMax, you have maximum flexibility: either on top of a flatbed trailer or truck, or simply truck-mounted. This versatility gives you broad flexibility in what type of trucks and trailers you have! Also, the TraxMaxes are fairly light, so you can pull them behind a pickup!

TraxMax® Compact Track Loaders are the ultimate, multi-use, compact track machines and will dramatically increase your productivity and profitability! Manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by ATMAX Equipment Co., the TraxMax 450/550 Transformer makes the TraxMax THREE machines in ONE

  • All-terrain forklift
  • Truck-mounted forklift
  • Compact track loader
  • Big roll sod installer

TraxMax w/ MaxAttach

So, whether you are delivering brick in the mud, grading a ditch or installing big rolled sod on a 3:1 slope, the Taxmax® easily gets the job done and gives you the maximum versatility and value! But don’t take our word for it – watch our videos and read customers have to say!

TraxMax with MaxAttach
TraxMax with Big Sod Roller on Steep Slope
TraxMax working as a Big Sod Roll Installer
TraxMax on a trailer, and as a truck mounted forklift

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A Model Perfect for You!

There are two different models of the TraxMax and we are sure one will be perfect for your needs!

TraxMax 450

Horsepower 60 HP Turbo Diesel
Lift Capacity 4500 lbs.
Lift Height 84 in.
Sod Roll Capacity 48 in.
Drive Train Dual Pump Hydrostatic
Transport Width 84 in.
Weight (approx) 5100 lbs. (w/o attachments)

TraxMax 550

Horsepower 83 HP Turbo Diesel
Lift Capacity 5500 lbs.
Lift Height 120 in.
Sod Roll Capacity 48 in.
Drive Train Dual Pump Hydrostatic
Transport Width 95 in. with 12.6″ tracks
Weight (approx) 5450 lbs. (w/o attachments)

Customer Testimonial

I use the TM450 as a rough terrain fork lift to move sod where wheeled machines won’t go. I also use it as a big roll sod installer to quickly lay big rolls of sod in less than a minute! My TraxMax 450 is four machines in one, and a great value. I’d recommend it to anyone in the sod and landscaping business.

Larry Cagle
Cagle Farms, Tupelo, MS

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